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Local Dairy

Herd Share

Local Dairy, sometimes referred to as raw milk, is offered through our Herd Share program.  A herd share allows Share Owner to pay a monthly boarding fee for the feeding, care, and milking of the cows; Members are thus entitled to some of the milk and/or derived products. Each Member must purchase a share or partial share in order to have Local Dairy in Kentucky. 


Why Local Dairy?

Raw milk contains greater digestibility nutrients than pasteurized milk, as well as a wide range of probiotics and beneficial enzymes that are known to have benefits to the gastrointestinal tract and immune system.

Increased resistance to respiratory infections, asthma, allergies, eczema, and otitis, and eczema has been correlated to raw milk consumption. Studies have shown that children drinking raw milk had a greater aversion to disease, superior growth, and overall better health.

Full of fresh flavor with it's creamy texture once you drink raw milk it will be difficult to go back to the pasteurized stuff that is in stores. Like everything else that is fresh vs processed, Raw Milk will always taste better.

How the Herd Share Works

We charge an Initial Herd Share Membership Fee to be part of the herd share. The Share Owner Fee is reflective of the Share Owner Level selected. Once the Initial Herd Share Membership Fee has been paid, the Share Owner Level has been selected and paid and the agreement has been signed, a Member is entitled to their herd share. Paid membership is what makes the herd share a legal agreement and allows Crafted by Lindberg to provide Local Dairy to its Members.

Share Owner is entitled to their full share or half share of the milk and / or butter produced by the Crafted by Lindberg herd. ​A full share is roughly equal to 4 gallons of milk per month or 4, 1/2lb butter sticks per month but may rarely be less due to unforeseen events. A half share is roughly equal to 2 gallons of milk per month or 2, 1/2lb butter sticks per month but may rarely be less due to unforeseen events. 

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Herd Share

Herd Share Agreement 

Once you have filled out the Herd Share Agreement form, we will reach out to confirm payment and discuss your share of the herd. 

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